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Exploring Mars Habitability

Event Details:
From: 13 June 2011  
To: 15 June 2011  
Country: Portugal
More info: Link to event website

The International Conference "Exploring Mars Habitability" will focus on the habitability of Mars. The effects of planetary evolution, atmospheric evolution, climate cycles, and transitory events on the habitability of Mars are of key interest. These help to address the origin of life both on Mars and on Earth, as well as its potential for preservation. Upcoming missions (e.g., MSL, MAVEN, Exomars 2016 and ExoMars 2018) will address many of these issues. Suggested strategies as to how these missions will address current and past habitability of Mars are welcome.

This conference is part of the "Mars week in Europe" event. The event also includes pre-conference Mars science meetings (12-13 June), the 1st International Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) meeting (16-17 June), and a field trip to unique geology and acidic environment in Rio Tinto, Spain (17-19 June).

Last Update: 22 June 2011

For further information please contact: RoboticExploration@esa.int

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