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Geobiology in Space Exploration

Event Details:
From: 07 February 2011  
To: 14 February 2011  
Country: Morocco
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The meeting is organised by ESA and NASA with the support of the ESA Topical Team 'Geomicrobiology for Space Settlement and Exploration (GESSE)'. The topical team was set up in 2009 to investigate and develop new opportunities for geobiology in space - from life detection to practical applications of geobiology and geomicrobiology in human space exploration.

The meeting has two main purposes: 1) To contribute to building the community of people working in geobiology and applying it to space sciences and exploration, 2) To develop a strategic document on the range of geobiology applications and possible space missions for ESA.

The workshop (7-9 February) will be followed by a field trip (10-14 February) to investigate several sites with geomicrobiological or geological interests.

Last Update: 28 January 2011

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