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Schiaparelli with front shield and back cover of aeroshell removed

Date: 08 January 2016
Satellite: Schiaparelli
Location: Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Copyright: ESA - A. Haldemann

The Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing demonstrator module pictured inside the dedicated ISO 7 environment cleanroom tent within the "normal" ISO 8 cleanroom in the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The front shield (right) and back cover (centre) of the aeroshell have been removed for the installation of the gas generators for the parachute. The surface platform (left) carries the DREAMS experiment.

Schiaparelli and the Trace Gas Orbiter - the two spacecraft of the ExoMars 2016 mission - are scheduled for launch in March.



Last Update: 21 January 2016

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