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The MOMA instrument and its modules

The MOMA instrument and its modules

Date: 27 October 2010
Depicts: The MOMA instrument and its modules
Copyright: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS)

The MOMA instrument is the largest instrument in the ExoMars Rover. It has two operational modes: Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry (MOMA GC-MS) and Laser Desorption-Mass Spectrometry (MOMA LD-MS). Some of these elements are depicted in the schematic diagram shown here.

In the GC-MS mode, a powdered sample is placed in an oven which is closed by the tapping station. Upon heating the gas produced is routed to the gas chromatograph and the effluent then routed to the mass spectrometer for analysis. In the LD-MS mode, a powdered sample is deposited onto the sample tray which is then pulsed by the laser head to liberate ions. The produced ions are analysed with the mass spectrometer. The whole system is controlled by the respective electronics.

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