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Landing Sites for Exploration Missions

Landing Sites for Exploration Missions

Start date: 17 Jan 2011
Organiser: Lorentz Center

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Europe is currently in the process of defining its activities in solar system exploration through programmes of the European Space Agency and the EU. Scientific research is a key-driver in solar system exploration and constitutes the essential foundation for future robotic planetary and lunar missions in the global exploration context. The process by which landing sites are selected for such missions typically involves collaboration between people with diverse expertise and background, both science and engineering. The European planetary science community has had limited exposure to the process of landing site selection. As part of Europlanet (EU FP7 Research Infrastructure Programme), this workshop aims to foster global collaboration and to empower the planetary community in areas related to landing site selection and terrain characterization for future missions.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
12-Apr-2024 14:29 UT

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