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HiSCI - High-resolution Stereo Colour Imager

HiSCI - High-resolution Stereo Colour Imager

Date: 09 March 2011
Depicts: The main elements of HiSCI
Copyright: University of Arizona / Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

The High Resolution Stereo Colour Imager, or HiSCI, shown here in a schematic representation, is one of the instruments that will be housed on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, scheduled for launch in 2016.

The Orbiter will carry instruments to detect very low concentrations of gases, which could provide evidence about possible life on Mars. HiSCI is a camera designed to take three-dimensional images of active geological processes on the Martian surface which are thought to release these gases.

HiSCI will provide 4-colour stereo imaging at 2 m resolution per pixel. It has a wide field of view, covering areas that are more than 8.5 km wide on Mars. This feature helps scientists to discover quickly changes that took place on the surface of the Red Planet. This diagram shows the main features of HiSCI.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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