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Albert Haldemann, ExoMars Payload and AIV Manager

Albert Haldemann, ExoMars Payload and AIV Manager

Date: 12 May 2011
Depicts: Albert Haldemann in the Dakhleh Oasis in Egypt where, along with colleagues, he has found evidence for an extraterrestrial impact event.
Location: Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt
Copyright: Susan Haldemann

Albert Haldemann, ESA’s ExoMars Payload and Assembly Integration and Verification Manager, is pictured sitting on top of a wind-eroded gebel (small hill) in Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt. The gebel is capped by the carbonaceous silty sediments that he is sitting on, which are evidence for the presence of a large lake that existed in the oasis around 100,000 years ago. Albert and colleagues have found evidence in those sediments for an extraterrestrial impact event at Dakhleh Oasis dating from around 150,000 years ago. Stone Age artefacts indicate that the area was inhabited in the same period.

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