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ExoMars 2018 Landing Site Selection Working Group

ExoMars 2018 Landing Site Selection Working Group

The Landing Site Selection Working Group (LSSWG) composition is given in this page. Science members have a yellow and orange colour background, with orange denoting also ExoMars Science Working Team (ESWT) and/or Planetary Protection Working Group (PPWG) representation. Project and Industry members are indicated in blue.

Additional ExoMars Science Working Team (ESWT) members may be invited to serve in the LSSWG in case this is deemed useful. Likewise, the Project and Industry representation may change depending on the required needs.

# Name Institute Country
1 Frances Westall CNRS-Orléans France
BIOSIGNATURES/ESWT/PPWG: Preservation, ancient geology
2 Howell Edwards Bradford U. United Kingdom
BIOSIGNATURES: Preservation, mineralogy, Raman
3 Lyle Whyte McGill U. Canada
BIOSIGNATURES: Polar microbiology, cold drilling, biomarkers
4 Alberto Fairén Cornell U. USA
BIOSIGNATURES: Mars hydrogeology and biosignatures
5 Jean-Pierre Bibring IAS France
GEOLOGY/ESWT: Hydrated minerals, Mars history
6 John Bridges U. of Leicester UK
GEOLOGY: LS mapping, topography
7 Ernst Hauber DLR Germany
GEOLOGY: Topography, layered deposits, alluvial fans
8 Gian Gabriele Ori IRSPS Italy
GEOLOGY: Sedimentary geology, mapping
9 Stephanie Werner U. Oslo Norway
GEOLOGY: Dating, mineralogy, resurfacing processes
10 Damien Loizeau U. Lyon France
GEOLOGY: Dating, geomorphology, mineralogy
11 Ruslan Kuzmin IKI Russia
GEOLOGY: Ice/water processes
12 Rebecca Williams PSI USA
GEOLOGY: Fluvial geomorphology and sedimentary processes
13 Jessica Flahaut VUAmsterdam The Netherlands
GEOLOGY: Mineralogy, layered deposits, mapping
14 François Forget LMD France
ATMOSPHERICS: Atmospheric Modelling
15 Jorge L. Vago ESA ESA
SCIENCE: ExoMars Project Scientist
16 Daniel Rodionov IKI Russia
SCIENCE: ExoMars Project Scientist
17 Oleg Korablev IKI Russia
SCIENCE/ESWT: IR mineralogy and atmospheric aerosols
18 Håkan Svedhem ESA ESA
SCIENCE: TGO Project Scientist
19 Gerhard Kminek ESA ESA
SCIENCE/PPWG: Planetary Protection, organics degradation
20 Leila Lorenzoni ESA ESA
PROJECT: ExoMars EDL and landing site engineer
21 Olivier Bayle ESA ESA
PROJECT: ExoMars EDM systems engineer
22 Luc Joudrier ESA ESA
PROJECT: ExoMars Rover GNC and operations engineer
23 Viktor Mikhaylov TsNIIMASH Russia
PROJECT: ExoMars EDL & ground testing manager
24 Alexander Zashirinsky Lavochkin Russia
INDUSTRY: ExoMars EDL engineer
25 Sergey Alexashkin Lavochkin Russia
INDUSTRY: ExoMars DM Chief Designer
26 Fabio Calantropio TAS-I Italy
INDUSTRY: ExoMars EDL engineer
27 Andrea Merlo TAS-I Italy
INDUSTRY: ExoMars Rover GNC engineer
28 Silvia Bayón ESA ESA
PROJECT: ExoMars spacecraft Composite Systems Engineer
29 Pantelis Poulakis ESA ESA
PROJECT:  ExoMars rover locomotion engineer  


Last Update: 1 September 2019
18-May-2024 16:03 UT

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