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ExoMars 2016 meets its Proton rocket

ExoMars 2016 meets its Proton rocket

7 March 2016

In pictures: ExoMars 2016 spacecraft united with the Proton rocket.

On Saturday 5 March, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and the entry, descent and landing demonstrator module, known as Schiaparelli, which have been integrated with the Breeze-M upper stage, were transported by train to the area of the Baikonur cosmosdrome where they were mated with the Proton launch vehicle that will carry them on the first part of their journey to Mars. 

An electrical test of the Trace Gas Orbiter was carried out by Thales Alenia Space Italia to replicate the configuration that there will be on the launch pad.

Launch is scheduled for Monday 14 March at 09:31 UTC (10:31 CET).

(Top left) The fairing containing the Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli, with the Breeze-M, is transported by train (top right, lower left) to an area in the cosmodrome for integration with the Proton launch vehicle (lower right). Credit: ESA - B. Bethge (top row and bottom right); Credit: TAS-I - G.Passarelli (bottom left)
Some of the team preparing ExoMars 2016 for launch at the Baikoniur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, pictured in front of the launch vehicle. The spacecraft are in the fairing (with the ExoMars logo). Credit: KhSC.


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