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ExoMars 2016 launch - catch up on launch day events

ExoMars 2016 launch - catch up on launch day events

14 March 2016

In case you missed the launch or would like to watch again, here are some replays of the day's events.


For the latest updates from ExoMars today, follow @ESA_ExoMars and @esaoperations.

Live updates were broadcast during the day, and are available here as replays.

Watch a replay of the launch of ExoMars 2016.

Replays from the launch event at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany.

Part 1: Morning session, with liftoff and commentary from experts.
Part 2: Evening session, includes separation from the Breeze upper stage and receipt of the first signals from the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.
Twitter Periscope from the Exomars mission control room
Visit to the Main Control Room at ESOC, meeting some of the ExoMars mission control team during the 12-hour period between launch and receipt of the first signals from the Trace Gas Orbiter.
Watch replays of the afternoon sessions "Behind ExoMars", where ExoMars experts present the scientific goals and operational challenges and milestones of the ExoMars programme:
Behind ExoMars - part 1
Topic: Orbital mechanics and the journey to Mars
Behind ExoMars - part 2
Topic: The Trace Gas Orbiter, instruments and science
Behind ExoMars - part 3
Topic: Schiaparelli, landing technology and engineering
Behind ExoMars - part 4
Topic: The two missions of the ExoMars programme
Behind ExoMars - part 5
Topic: The ExoMars missions in the context of the search for life on Mars
Behind ExoMars - part 6
Topic: Schiaparelli, instruments and science



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