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The Team

The Team

PROSPECT is an ESA project led by the Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration.

The development of PROSPECT's drill (PROSPECT Sample Excavation and Extraction Device) is led by Leonardo, Italy.

The development of the PROSPECT's ProSPA (PROSPECT Sample Processing and Analysis) chemical laboratory is led by the Open University, UK.

The PROSPECT User Group supports activities related to the use and performance of PROSPECT. The members of this group are listed below.


PROSPECT user group
James Carpenter (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Mahesh Anand (Open University, UK)
Dr. John Robert Brucato (INAF, Florence, Italy)
Aiden Cowley (ESA, European Astronaut Centre, Germany)
Maria Cristina De Sanctis (INAF, Rome, Italy)
Kerri Donaldson-Hana (Oxford University, Milton Keynes, UK)
Evelyn Füri (CRPG, Nancy, France)
Katherine Joy (Manchester University, UK)
Michelle Lavagna (Politechnico di Milano, Italy)
Raffaella Pappalardo (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Nicole Schmitz (DLR, Berlin, Germany)
Romain Tartese (IMPMC, Paris, France)

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